The Philosophome

Philosophy Family Tree

Philosophy Family Tree (Josh Dever)

The Philosophome (presentation by Barry Smith)

The Fifth Cycle of Philosophy (Barry Smith)

The Future of the History of Philosophy

Pictures of Philosophy (Andrew Higgins)

Graphing the History of Philosophy (Simon Raper)

History of Philosophy (Merrill Cook)

Philosophers with Erdős Numbers (Toby Handfield)

Philosophical Collaboration Communities (Toby Handfield)

A Co-Citation Network for Philosophy (Kieran Healy)

The History of Philosophy summarized and visualized (Deniz Cem Önduygu)

PhilOnto (Philosophy Ontology) Owl version

Visual and Philosophical Pedagogy (Robert Farrow)

Philosophy Visualizations (Robert Farrow)

Diagrams (Kevin Sharp)

Charts of Philosophy and Philosophers (Craig Vincent Mitchell)

InPhO: The Indiana Philosophy Ontology Project


PhilPapers Category List

Schools of Philosophy

Diagram of Greek Philosophy

Towards an Ontology for Philosophy (Michele Pasin)