The Real Bill and Hillary Clinton and Why We Need to Stand Strong for the Truth

Without Conscience
Dr. Robert Hare

Bill and Hillary Clinton have been heralded by the media, for years, as the most virtuous couple to have ever trod this soil of ours, but their actions speak volumes that they have absolutely no virtue. Both Bill and Hillary have proven themselves to be woefully short on substance and with no conscience.

According to Dr. Robert Hare, the leading authority on psychopaths, there are approximately two million such people in the United States. That is approximately one out of every 275 people you know.

Fortunately, only a small portion are ever violent and they usually end up in prison. That estimate is about 17% of the two million. The remaining 83% are people like Bill and Hillary, who plow through life leaving many people in their wake of destruction. You know, your ordinary garden variety of con men who do things that we couldn't do because we do have a conscience. The person who shakes down the elderly for their life savings and ends up on America's Most Wanted explaining that, "The old ladies deserved it for being so stupid." Our Lord referred to a lack of conscience as a hardened heart.

 These people are not crazy, they just ignore their moral indicator. Like riding down the road without a speedometer.

People who do not have a conscience, for the most part, do not care for anyone else but themselves. However, sometimes they pair up. Dr. Hare writes:

 "(They) usually don't get along well with one another. The last thing an egocentric, selfish, demanding, callous person wants is someone just like him. Two stars is one too many. Occasionally, however, (they) become temporary partners in crime - a grim symbiosis with unfortunate consequences for other people. Generally, one member of the pair is a "talker" who gets his way through charm, deceit and manipulation, whereas the other is a "doer" who prefers direct action, intimidation and force. As long as their interests are complimentary, they make a formidable pair".
Source: "Without Conscience" by Dr. Robert Hare (page 65)

When someone has a large cluster of certain traits coupled with a profound lack of remorse, it will more than likely denote a person with no conscience. What is listed below is an indication that we may have such a couple in the White House.









power hungry



never gets embarrassed

always blaming others


no regrets



lies very easily






need for excitement

adept at covering tracks cold


known for verbal quirks

known for intense eye contact

very intimidating

"above the law"

act as if normal laws do not apply to them

very sexually promiscuous

unconcerned about others feelings

unfazed by possibility of being found out

sense of omnipotence and entitlement

complains about media treatment

skilled wordsmiths

stunning lack of concern for the devastating effects their actions have on others

not humiliated by public disclosure as a liar and a cheat

skilled at masking emotions

So, what can be done about these people? The only thing that stops people who have no conscience is moral strength. Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan succeeded in bringing freedom to Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union by maintaining moral strength. Likewise, sticking to our guns morally will be the only way to finally stop the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton. They are like a runaway steamroller. But even a steamroller has to come to a halt when it is confronted by a reinforced wall.

Standing strong for the Truth will defeat Bill and Hillary.

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01/22/99 19:21:02 PST