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IWF Calls on NOW and Feminist Majority to Reform Sexual Harassment Law

Press Release - 15-Dec-98 The Independent Women’s Forum

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Tuesday, December 15, 1998) – The Independent Women’s Forum calls on the National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority to support reform of sexual harassment law in keeping with their position espoused today at the National Press Club against the impeachment of President William Jefferson Clinton.

In response to the extreme feminist criticism that the House Judiciary Committee impeachment inquiry is a “side show,” the Independent Women’s Forum asks N.O.W. and the Feminist Majority to join IWF in reforming sexual harassment law.

Given that President Clinton lied merely about sex in his deposition in the now-settled $850,000 Jones sexual harassment suit:

1. Perjurious statements by a defendant in a sexual harassment suit shall be demoted from a felony to a misdemeanor.

2. Past instances of sexual harassment shall not be admissible evidence in a civil suit.

3. Holding elected office will immunize an individual from political or legal jeopardy involving perjury in a sex-related suit.

4. The “hostile environment” standard will not apply to firings , demotions or transfers of plaintiffs, close colleagues, or corroborating witnesses.

5. Sexual harassment plaintiffs must prove tangible harm.

The IWF calls on N.O.W. and the Feminist Majority to demand that:

The President pardon the drill sergeants from Aberdeen Proving Grounds, and all other Federal employees who have been punished for consensual sex with an employee, volunteer, or intern in their charge.

Congress pass a “Sense of Congress” resolution forgiving all defendants who perjure themselves in cases involving sex-related offenses, and admonishing plaintiffs who continue to seek justice where perjury by the defendant is provable.

Once again, while the feminists purport to speak for all women, they have proven that their national leadership lacks the common sense and integrity to even identify women’s best interests.

You gotta love it.

Posted by: gocowboys (vacancy_soon@1600Penn.ave) *
12/24/98 21:48:07 PST

To: gocowboys
They shouldn't forget: (1) sex with a subordinate doesn't matter as long as she/he is 21 or over. (2) in a little while they may be able to include rape by biting is deemed consensual. (3) Trashing a women to discredit her story is just part of the defense. (4) Lying under oath about a sexual harrassment case is not worth prosecuting.
From: Cowgirl (EXTREMIST@WORK.FRU) *
12/24/98 22:01:57 PST

To: gocowboys
Speaking of NOW, our local Barnes & Noble bookstore allowed NOW to hand out their literature at their branch in San Luis Obispo, California. And there was a selected cash register line you could stand in if you wanted part of your purchase to go to the local NOW group. Of course, I'm sure any conservative or pro-life organization could have had the same access if they would have asked. NOT!
From: Lizavetta (i673450@thegrid.net) *
12/24/98 22:13:48 PST

To: Cowgirl
1. "fooling around"

2. Foreplay

3. Pillow talk 4. "Flirting" with the truth
From: gocowboys (vacancy_soon@1600Penn.ave) *
12/24/98 22:41:01 PST

To: gocowboys
You're kidding me. This ISN'T a parody?
From: thoughtomator (dgordon@logicsystems.net) *
12/24/98 22:51:07 PST

To: gocowboys
Wag the public on the domestic front, more spin. Reminds me that the energizer bunnie keeps going, and going and going and.....
From: Book Man (rhess@ccpl.carr.lib.md.us) *
12/24/98 23:00:57 PST

To: gocowboys
Don't forget: All the old rules apply when the person is a conservative Republican or against abortion.
From: uglybiker (conwayjf@phoenix-cement.com) *
12/25/98 04:35:24 PST