Sexual Harrassment Laws & You - A Primer For Confused Democrats (Vanity)

This is especially dedicated to Sen. Boxer (D- CA)

Sexual Harrassment Crimes In The Workplace

Sen. Boxer's repeated questions along the line of 'consensual sex' intended to infer that because the relationship was consensual, that no laws were broken.

Actually, the law was broken, even though it was consensual.

Right this very minute... any person who served as an employee of the White House during the time Monica Lewinsky and Clinton were involved in an affair, can file a legitimate claim of sexual harrassment against William Jefferson Clinton. Male AND Female. Why is this? The sexual harrassment laws recognize that there are two sets of victims;

(A) If a subordinate is pressured or threatened for sex, the subordinate is a victim, and may seek remedy in a court of law.

(B) If a 'manager' and a 'subordinate' engage in a consensual relationship, all other employees in the company (Male AND Female) are the victims, since the subordinate usually obtains 'favors' ie: job assistance, promotions, pay raises, or greater prestige/recognition, which the other employees did not obtain.

The Monica case falls into category (B). When the question was asked today: "How many other interns received job assistance?" it addressed the core concern. Since Monica recieved job assistance to land first a Pentagon job, and second, a job offer at the U.N. and third, a job offer at Revlon, all other WH employees can validly claim they are victims of sexual harrassment.

Therefore, when the House Managers assert that a vote to acquit affects sexual harrassment laws... they are absolutely correct. Even though the President is very fortunate to be served by very loyal employees, who would never dream of taking such a case to court, he nevertheless has committed a clear-cut violation of our nations sexual harrassment laws, and is vulnerable to a lawsuit from any employee that served in the White House during the time of Clinton's relationship to Monica Lewinsky.

Generally, if the company does not immediately correct the situation (sometimes involves transfer of the 'aggressor' but usually results in immediate termination), the victim may also file suit against the company for failing to protect their civil rights (after due warning by reporting the incident.) It is because the company becomes liable after the first report, that the perpetrator is usually summarily fired.

This explains:
(1) How Clinton broke the Sexual Harrassment laws, and;
(2) Why Clinton cannot admit to a 'relationship'... he is in severe legal jeopardy as it is. Admitting to a 'relationship' would all but doom him in a court hearing a sexual harrassment case.

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01/23/99 14:31:43 PST