Genocide in the Classroom

by Paul Craig Roberts

Language was a prime factor in the murder of six million Jews by the National Socialists in Germany and sixty to eighty million "class enemies" by communists in Russia and China. Today similar language is being used in American colleges and universities to annihilate the history, culture, and self-esteem of white people.

Halls of learning have become re-education camps where legions of "diversity educators" and "sensitivity trainers" strive to "get inside" the minds of white students and replace private conscience, identity and belief with group guilt Propaganda and emotional manipulation are used to teach whites to think the best about "people of color" and the worst about themselves. Whites are cold, logical, and distant ("ice people"). Blacks are warm, intuitive, empathetic, and spontaneous. Whites are relentlessly acquisitive. Blacks are in harmony with nature. Whites as a group use the "power structure" that they control to victimize blacks as a group.

The most prominent of the re-educators is Jane Elliott. She teaches that "white people invented racism" and are a parasitic race who even stole the English language from people of color. She uses a film, "Blue Eyed," to teach white students self-contempt and bloodguilt for their racist evil.

Jane Elliott thinks of herself as a kind, loving woman who is a tireless foe of racism. Corporations, government agencies, and universities pay Elliott $6,000 a day to teach white people to hate themselves. The media lionizes her. Disney plans to make a movie of her life.

While teaching whites to hate themselves, "diversity educators" are simultaneously teaching "people of color" to hate whites for their racist oppression. The "privilege" of white skin can only be remedied by legal privileges for blacks – thus, the necessity of racial quotas and affirmative action.

In the re-education camps that masquerade as universities, it is an axiom that reverse discrimination is a myth. The discrimination that white students experience in university admissions and sensitivity training is not considered to be discrimination, but necessary re-education to rescue whites from impermissible ways of being.

"Diversity educators" also deny that our culture is being Balkanized. What is really happening is that "evil racist white culture" is being stamped out, and whites are finding a new existence as allies of the oppressed. Once whiteness is extirpated, we will all be warm, intuitive, and love one another.

If you want to read more, consult Professor Alan Charles Kors, "Thought Reform 101" at

Professor Kors, a brave man, reports that white students are experiencing the fate of Winston Smith, the fictional character in George Orwell’s 1984 whose "false consciousness" must be purged to make him fit with the new society.

Professor Kors says that the urge to "remold" whites has led re-educationists to pursue white students into "the ultimate refuges of self-consciousness, conscience and private beliefs" in an attempt to break down individual identity. Professor Kors does not say so, but this is genocide.

Moreover, it can lead to physical genocide. German intellectuals pursued the Jews with words for sixty years before the rise of Hitler. Lenin and his followers murdered "class enemies" first with words, and then with re-education camps.

It is extraordinary that white taxpayers and donors are pouring billions of dollars into re-education camps dedicated to the destruction of "white consciousness."

As happened under the Nazis and Communists, once a race or class is assigned collective guilt, all protections fall away. White students are everywhere experiencing the demise of due process and their First Amendment rights.

Christopher Monson is a student at St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, where he is an activist on behalf of increasing minority presence on campus.

Recently, he argued that a public university had obligations to public access and that it would be illegal to prevent credit card companies from soliciting on campus, just as "not allowing blacks on campus" would be illegal.

His harmless analogy was deemed "a racial insult." Monson was sentenced to sensitivity training by university president Suzanne Williams without a hearing or due process.

This lawlessness at St. Cloud State is reminiscent of Nazi and Communist lawlessness. Once Jews were stigmatized, their rights as German citizens evaporated. The same happened to "class enemies."

The stigmatization of whites has reached the point where President Williams did not blink an eye at exercising unconstitutional power over the free speech of Monson.

Students know the situation is out of hand. A recent Zogby poll found that 95.7 percent believe high academic standards and diversity of ideas are more important than ethnic diversity; 92.7 percent oppose racial quotas; 57.9 percent say there is too much politics in the classroom, and 55.4 percent say "political correctness" restricts what they can learn and say.

Parents, donors and trustees need to find some courage before the Nazification of the universities is a fait accompli.

May 4, 2000