Friday 13:00

Alexa McCray (Harvard University)

Conceptualizing the World: Lessons from History

Ingvar Johansson (Saarbrücken)

Friday 15:00

Barry Smith (Buffalo/Saarbrücken)

New Desiderata for Biomedical Terminologies

James Cimino (Columbia)

Friday 17:00

Cornelius Rosse (Seattle)

The Foundational Role of Anatomy for Biomedical Ontologies

Anita Burgun (Rennes)

Saturday 9:00

Judith Blake (Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor)

Beyond Data Integration: Data Management for Knowledge Discovery

György Surján (Budapest)

Saturday 11:00

Suzanna Lewis (Berkeley, California)

The Temptations of Technology

Robert Stevens (Manchester)

Sunday 9:00

Christopher G. Chute (Mayo Clinic)

Multiple Ontologies for Biomedical Informatics

Stan Huff (Utah)

Sunday 11:00

Olivier Bodenreider (NLM)

Lexical and Statistical Approaches to Acquiring Ontological Relations

Robert Baud (Geneva)

Sunday 14:30

Christiane Fellbaum (Princeton)

Medical Fact Net

Udo Hahn (Jena)

Sunday 16:30

Alan Rector (Manchester)

Granularity and Scale: When Size Does and Does Not Matter

Thomas Bittner (Saarbrücken)

Monday 9:00

Domenico Pisanelli


A Journey through the Cavities of the Human Body

Jeremy Rogers (Manchester)

Monday 11:00

Werner Ceusters (ECOR, Saarbrücken)

Strategies for Referent Tracking in Electronic Healthcare Records

Jean-Marie Rodrigues (St. Etienne)

Monday 14:30

Stefan Schulz (Freiburg)

The Meaning of ‘Part’: Evidence from Biomedicine

Anand Kumar (IFOMIS, Saarbrücken)

Monday 16:30

Mark Musen (Stanford)

Who Will Classify the Classifications? Differing Views of Biomedical Ontology

Pierre Zweigenbaum  (Paris)