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John Bigelow


Selmer Bringsjord


Berit Brogaard


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Kit Fine


Peter Forrest


John Haldane

Frank Jackson


Ingvar Johansson


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Kevin Mulligan


Stephen Mumford

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Edmund Runggaldier

Peter Simons

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Peter Van Inwagen

Achille Varzi

David Wiggins

Timothy Williamson

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


abstract objects (Gideon Rosen)


actualism (Christopher Menzel)


artifact (Risto Hilpinen)


causal processes (Phil Dowe)


causation, counterfactual theories of (Peter Menzies)


causation and manipulability (James Woodward)


causation probabilistic (Christopher Hitchcock)


diagrams (Sun-Joo Shin and Oliver Lemon)


existence (Barry Miller)


holes (Roberto Casati and Achille Varzi)


identity of indiscernibles (Peter Forrest)


identity of indiscernibles (Peter Forrest)


identity theory of mind (J. J. C. Smart)


indexicals (David Braun)


logical constructions (Bernard Linsky)


mental imagery (Nigel Thomas)


mental representation (David Pitt)


objects (Henry Laycock)


properties (Chris Swoyer)


qualia (Michael Tye)


Sorites paradox - by Dominic Hyde


Tarski’s truth definitions (Wilfrid Hodges)


thought experiments (John Brown)


tropes (John Bacon)




             coherence theory of (James O. Young)


             deflationary theory of (Daniel Stoljar)


             identity theory of (Stewart Candlish)


             revision theory of (Eric Hammer)


truthlikeness (Graham Oddie)


vagueness (Roy Sorensen)




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