Tree of Porphyrius


Ontological Engineering


Video: War Fighter Ontology

Video: A Repeatable Process for Ontology Development in Military Domains

Ontology of Engineering

Ontolog Forum

What is Ontology?

Ontology Evaluation

WonderWeb Deliverable D18: Ontology Library

Ontology: Philosophical and Computational

Project Aristotle

Laboratory for Applied Ontology

Ontology of Culture  

Ontology of a Business Enterprise

Universal Core Semantic Layer
Ontology Works

Ontological Foundations of Knowledge Engineering


Foundational Ontology Project (Leeds)

Qualitative Spatial Reasoning

DAML Ontology Library

Semantic Web:  Cory Doctorow 

Clay Shirkey on Ontology 1

Clay Shirkey on Ontology 2

UML: The Positive Spin







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