Ontology and Biomedical Informatics

An International Conference organized by the Network of Excellence Semantic Interoperability and Data Mining in Biomedicine under the auspices of Working Group 6 of the International Medical Informatics Association


Rome 29 April – 2 May 2005



IMIA Working Group 6 was formed in 1981 with the task of reviewing health data nomenclature and classification needs for the international community. Its five conferences to date have brought together international experts in medical informatics with a focus on clinical terminology, ontology engineering, natural language processing and datamining. The published proceedings of these conferences continue to play an influential role in the development of the field.


The sixth IMIA conference in Rome 2005 will seek to continue this tradition, reflecting the new age of biomedical informatics. The meeting is designed to foster closer integration of thinking and effort at an international level and to explore the fundamental issues at the cutting edge of research in biomedical informatics. The proceedings of the conference, which will be published in the Journal of Biomedical Informatics, can be expected to influence the development of robust biomedical ontologies and terminologies in the future.


Judith Blake

(The Jackson Laboratory,

Bar Harbor)

Beyond Data Integration: Data Management for Knowledge Discovery

Olivier Bodenreider

(Medical Ontology Research,

National Library of Medicine)

Lexical and Statistical Approaches to Acquiring Ontological Relations

Werner Ceusters

(ECOR, Saarbrücken)

Strategies for Referent Tracking in Electronic Healthcare Records

Christopher G. Chute (Mayo Clinic)

Multiple Ontologies for Biomedical Informatics

Christiane Fellbaum (Princeton)

Medical Fact Net

Suzanna Lewis (Berkeley)

The Temptations of Technology

Alexa McCray (Harvard)

Conceptualizing the World: Lessons from History

Mark Musen (Stanford)

Who Will Classify the Classifications?  Differing Views of Biomedical Ontology

Domenico Pisanelli 


A Journey through the Cavities of the Human Body

Alan Rector (Manchester)

Granularity and Scale: When Size Does and Does Not Matter

Cornelius Rosse (Seattle)

The Foundational Role of Anatomy for Biomedical Ontologies

Stefan Schulz (Freiburg)

The Meaning of ‘Part’: Evidence from Biomedicine

Barry Smith (Buffalo/Saarbrücken)

Scientific Chair

New Desiderata for Biomedical Terminologies

Other speakers will include: Robert Baud (Geneva), Thomas Bittner (Saarbrücken), Werner Ceusters (Saarbrücken), James Cimino (Columbia), Udo Hahn, Jeremy Rogers (Manchester), Robert Stevens (Manchester), Pierre Zweigenbaum  (Paris)

The conference is co-sponsored by the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI), the Mayo Clinic, the Institute for Formal Ontology and Medical Information Science (IFOMIS, Saarbrücken), the Laboratory for Applied Ontology (CNR-ISTC, Rome) and the University at Buffalo. A program is available here. Venue details are here.

Participation is strictly limited in order to maximize the opportunity for intense discussion. The registration fee is €1000. For further information please write to Michelle Carnell <michelle.carnell@ifomis.uni-saarland.de>