Department of Philosophy

University at Buffalo, NY
November 13-14, 2004






SATURDAY November 13, 2004


9.00     Registration and continental breakfast
9.30     Welcoming remarks

Section I: Classification in Medicine
Chair: David Hunter

9.45     Olivier Bodenreider (National Library of Medicine): What Do Biomedical Vocabularies Tell Us About Biomedicine?
10.45   Coffee
11.00   Louis Goldberg (University at Buffalo): Four Granular Layers in Biology

11.45   Barry Smith (University at Buffalo): The Ontology of Biomedical Informatics

12.45   Lunch

Section II: Darwin, Disease and Design
Chair: John Kearns

1.45     Katherine Munn (IFOMIS, Saarbrücken): What Does Functioning Have To Do With Survival?
2.30     Peter H. Schwartz (Boston University): Demarcating Dysfunction
3.15     Coffee

3.30     Christopher Boorse (University of Delaware): Four Recent Accounts of Health
4.30     Coffee
4.45     Roundtable Discussion on Boorse: William Mandrick, Kristo Miettinen, Stephen Wear, Randall Dipert (University at Buffalo)
7.00     Dinner


SUNDAY November 14, 2004


8.30     Continental Breakfast

Section III: The Origin of the Human Organism

Chair: Jiyuan Yu
9.30     Alfonso Gomez-Lobo (Georgetown University): Sortals and Human Beginnings
10.30   Rose Koch (University at Buffalo): Conjoined Twins and the Biological Account of Personal Identity
11.15   Coffee    
11.30   S. Matthew Liao (Princeton University): The Organism View Defended
12.15   Chris Tollefsen (University of South Carolina): Animalism and the Unborn Human Being
1.00     Lunch

Section IV. The End
Chair: Jorge Gracia

2.00     John Martin Fischer (University of California at Riverside): Epicureanism about Death and Immortality
3.00     Jeff McMahan (Rutgers University): Prenatal and Posthumous Non-Existence

4.00     Coffee
4.15     David Hershenov (University at Buffalo): The Definition of Death


Reviewing committee: Randall Dipert, David Hershenov, Barry Smith (University at Buffalo)
For registration information please contact: Barry Smith