Contemporary Ontology

National Center for Ontological Research

Basic Formal Ontology

The Philosophome

Ontology and Education

Information as Ontologization

Information Artifact Ontology

Peter Simons: Against Set Theory

Applied Ontology (journal)

Jan Berg: Aristotle's Theory of Definition

Cambridge Social Ontology Group

Ontospace (University of Bremen)

General Ontology for Linguistic Description

Analytic Metaphysics Portal

Ontologies: Philosophical and Computational

Formal Ontology in Information Systems


The New Ontology of the Mental Causation Debate

Logic and Ontology

Standard Upper Ontology

Formal Models of Common-Sense Geographic Worlds

Ontology: A Resource Guide for Philosophers

Ingarden and the Ontology of Cultural Objects

Geographic Categories

Geographic Ontology

Ontology of Environments

Ontology of Boundaries

Conference on Applied Ontology, April 1998

What is an Ontology?

Ontology of Text

The Monist: Topology for Philosophers

The Monist: The Ontology of Scientific Realism

The Monist: Temporal Parts

Metaphysics Research Lab

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