Philosophy in Wartime
Spring 2002

Clinton Philosophy Deposit
Spring 1999 (Impeachment Semester)

Ontological Parking Sign

Ontological Engineering 2013

Letter to The Times (London) on the proposed award of an honorary degree to M. Jacques Derrida

 The Heidegger Song

(with guitars)      

Four Modern Irrationalists

 Helps to Young Authors


Territorial Evolution of Poland

First philosophical Smith

Smith in Russian

Historical and Investigative Research

Ontological Highway Sign


Eskimo Words for Snow

English Words Ending in ‘-lily’

The Meaning of Life

States that Don't Officially Exist

Durability of Boundaries


Belgian Empire Legislates About Topology

Controlled Airspace

Rules of Debate

Papers in Other Languages

Papers on Continental Philosophy (CP)

Textual Deference