Topics in Ontology

Spring Semester 2003
Barry Smith , Ingvar Johansson , Daniel von Wachter , Thomas Bittner
Venue: Park 141
Friday 10-12am

17 Jan         The Nature of Aristotelian Universals
24 Jan         Relations of Existential Dependence
31 Jan         Relational Universals
7 Feb          Intentional States

8 Feb         Saturday Workshop on Spatial and Medical Ontology in Park 280.
                            9.30am: Ingvar Johansson (IFOMIS, Leipzig): Functions and Their Shapes
                            10.45am: Coffee
                            11.00am: Barry Smith: Bodies and Bodily Systems
                            12.15: Lunch
                            1.00pm:  David Mark: Body Parts, Earth Parts: Delimitation and Categorization
                            2.15pm: Coffee
                            2.30pm: Eric Little: Ontology Development for Data Fusion
                            3.45pm: Coffee
                            4.00pm: Michael Worboys (University of Maine): Ontological Fusion
14 Feb       Carving Up Reality
21 Feb       Agent Causality
28 Feb       Event Causality
7 Mar        The Existence of God
4 Apr          Space and Time
11 Apr        Granularity
18 Apr        Vagueness
25 Apr        Qualitative Change

Suggested Reading:
E. J. Lowe, A Survey of Metaphysics
Jaegwon Kim (ed.), Metaphysics: An Anthology
P. van Inwagen and D. Zimmerman (eds.), Metaphysics: The Big Questions
Papers by Ingvar Johansson:
Determinables as Universals
Pattern as an Ontological Category
Papers by Daniel von Wachter:
A World of Fields
Agent Causation: Before and After the Ontological Turn
Papers by Thomas Bittner and Barry Smith:
A Theory of Granular Partitions
Vague Reference and Approximating Judgments